Joining the Slayers Button Exchange is simple enough... all you have to do is read the following rules and make sure that your site qualifies for each one. Please make sure that you check that your site follows all of the guidelines! If it doesn't, you won't be added to the SBE until otherwise. The rules are simple and reasonable so it shouldn't be too hard and I'm sure you'll be able to get through it all. ^_^

01.) Your site must be about Slayers.
02.) No anti-Slayers sites are allowed.
03.) Your site must be easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.
04.) Make sure your site is complete before joining! No broken links or images please!
05.) No stolen content.
06.) Browser compatibility is a plus!
07.) Your information must be correct and canon to the series.
08.) Your site must be in English or have an English version.

09.) You must have a 88x31 button.
10.) The button must be on your own server. *
11.) You must have the code up on your site.

* There are hosts that do not allow direct linking and therefore, your button will not show up on other people's sites. You must have your button uploaded to a host that allows direct linking. Hosts that do not allow direct linking include: AngelFire, Geocities, NBCi, Tripod, FreeWebz and