Welcome to the Slayers Button Exchange, a link exchange for Slayers sites. Joining the SBE is simple: you read the rules and if you meet all of the guidelines, you can join. The SBE is a great way to generate hits for your Slayers website and make people aware of its existance, so I hope that you become a member of this button exchange in the near future. The more the merrier!

The following are the steps required in order to become a member of the Slayers Button Exchange. Please read them carefully!

STEP 01: First you have to read the RULES. Make sure that you read every rule because if your site doesn't meet these requirements, you will not be added to the SBE until otherwise. If your site does follow all of the guidelines, proceed to step two!

STEP 02: Place the CODE on your site! This is a very important step: if you don't have the code on your website or it isn't easy to find, you will not be added to the SBE. After placing the code on your site, continue to step three.

STEP 03: Next, you will have to JOIN. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and wait about a week for me to reply to you. I will always reply to those who have been added.

STEP 04: Finally, you've made it to the MEMBERS list! Now you can see your very own site listed here as well as on other sites that feature the SBE code. Isn't that great?

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